Revolutionizing Business Efficiency: How CAA North East & Ontario Boosted Conversion Rates by 3.5x through Cutting-Edge Serverless Cloud Computing, API Optimization, and Intelligent Data Analysis

The Canadian Automobile Association, founded in 1913, is a not-for-profit federation of eight clubs providing over 6.4 million Members with exceptional emergency roadside, complete automotive, travel and, comprehensive insurance services and more.


In wake of COVID-19 and the disruptive changes in customers’ needs, demands, and technologies, CAA North and East Ontario wanted to derive intelligence from data driving maximum revenue and ROI by delivering delightful experiences to their Members. To achieve their goals, a number of challenges needed to be tackled such as modernizing legacy applications, engineering smart data pipelines, access to deeper analytics with actionable insights to remove frictions, and uncover new values.

Application Modernization

Transformed mission critical applications by migrating to Google’s fully managed serverless cloud platform with simplified workflow and native AI powered security.

Tools and technologies

Kubernetes on GCP, load balancer, Cloud Armor, Cloud SQL, Context Aware and Beyond Corp Access Management.

Impact on business

Data encryption at rest and in transit. Infinite scalability, increased uptime, and reliability while availing more resources for CAA to focus on developing and innovating applications and business processes.

Smart Data Integrations, CI/CD and AI ready Pipelines

Capturing meaningful data, integrating and converging uniform structured data and deriving insights at the speed needed for delivering near real time actionable insights and automations.

Tools and technologies

Server side GTM, Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Stackdriver, Pub/Sub, Dataflow, Exponea, Facebook Pixel, Axis, Shift4 Payments, Canada Post, Bigquery, climate data, and other relevant tools. Implemented custom micro services for ingesting and automating workflows using open source SDKs like Apache Beam, GitHub, and more.

Impact on business

Clear sight into the customer journey in the complex multichannel world, enablement for data driven automations and AI ready smart data pipeline for today and into the future.

Democratizing Data and Analytics

Enabled key stakeholders to access and explore results derive value from data and analytics in near real time. This enabled evidence based justification to rapidly embrace, adapt, and foster a data driven culture across the organization.

Diagram 3.0 Blended Data pushed to Analytics for deeper insights

Example of ingesting advanced encrypted data into analytics, with strict data privacy compliance, for solving issues with high business impact. In the example above, the client uncovers the root traffic sources for users who are ready to purchase membership but cannot proceed due to territorial arrangements with the other clubs. From this, marketing resources can be optimized and customers who are at the bottom of the funnel for other clubs can be redirected to their regional clubs reducing business administration resources correcting erroneous signups and managing customers experiences.

Diagram 3.1 climate and transactional data. Note: Labels for transactional data have been changed while preserving the ratios in order to protect the client’s privacy.

Diagram 3.2 Number of new daily COVID-19 Cases in Ontario compared with environmental and business data.

Visualizing external data such as environmental and other socioeconomic, political, and pandemic data blended with business data helped uncover patterns and forecasting business decisions. Diagram 3.1 clearly indicates a strong correlation with temperature and sales, hence marketing budget decisions in the near future (7 days) can be precisely allocated mapped with organic demand. Data in diagram 3.2 indicates relationship between new COVID-19 cases, holidays, and lockdown dates – more attention and analysis needed to prepare for similar occasions.

Tools and technologies

Data Studio, Stackdriver, Big Query, HotJar, Google Analytics, Google Attribution, The Weather Network, Google Sheet and Apps Script.

Impact on business

Everyone involved is equipped to access and explore the right qualitative data, answer and action using meaningful and contextual insights (catered to unique needs, KPIs and objectives) – from marketing to user experience teams, CMO and CTO, allowing to take the next business decision with higher confidence driving improved business outcomes.

Data Driven Journey Curation to Personalization

Created data driven interactive product customization and rich intuitive cart experiences with primary focuses to reducing or entirely eliminating frictions and steps in effort to increase overall membership sign ups and as well as increasing average order value by prioritizing higher value plans.

Diagram 4.0 From Dynamic pricing to A/B experiments, multivariate experiments, customer affinity based personalization.

With a growing number of end user devices with different screen sizes, operating systems, and emerging technologies like voice and capabilities to access faster insights into customers’ personas, it is possible to rapidly optimize and personalize the interactions leading to more relevant, rich experience moving users from top of funnels to bottom with accelerated speed.

Diagram 4.1 Capability to personalize targeted content via email marketing for users abandoning the membership purchase journey from the very early stage.

Diagram 4.2 Real time two way data and actions between the front end of the application and the CRM and other services using APIs to improve experience and business processes.

Tools and technologies

Laravel, Google Optimize, Exponea, Canada Post API, Google Maps API, Weather Forecasting API.

Impact on business

Cart Conversion Rate increased from 5.6% to 20.2%. +3.5X increase

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