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On Premise, Hybrid and Multi Cloud - Anthos and serverless Kubernetes

We are a strong team of Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Microsoft Azure certified engineers. We will identify the most optimal way to use the cloud infrastructure for your solution and chart a path to digital transformation success – but not in years or months, we will get you started leveraging the power of cloud in days.

Smart Analytics

Drive intelligence from data and uncover new possibilities

We enable actionable insights at near real-time speed across your organization – big, medium or small. We equip everyone in your business to access, explore and action, when things matter the most while increasing data integrity and security.

Integration and Automation

Scale business with cognitive intelligence

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to automate tasks and workflow that require intelligence. UC Lab AI experts will help you start and guide you through your entire AI journey.

Let’s reimagine and find solutions for the new normals with AI and Machine Learning

Customer Service

Let’s reimagine and find solutions for the new normals with AI and Machine Learning.

Learn how UC Lab helped CAA to increase membership sign-ups by 3X using insights from data.

Access now

Vision intelligence now makes it possible to automate expensive and almost traditionally impossible workflows at the scale businesses need. From filtering, detecting inappropriate content to taking event based actions from images or videos in realtime. Imagine having the capability of unlimited trained resources (ML Models) and automations in place to perform vision cognitive tasks.

The hype for Natural Language Processing, Understanding and Generating is no less than its’ potentials. Give consumers easier, faster access and services with conversational experiences. Reduce incrementally time to service, incidence resolution and overall customer effort score (CES) needed to navigate through their desired journeys. Rapidly improve CSAT and NPS scores.

Did you know that Transformer based learning recommendation systems and personalization solutions for e-commerce have recently shown ground breaking results vs traditional matrix factorization algorithms? The progress in the ML and AI domain is happening at light speed and it is challenging to keep up.

Our industry leading Analytics and ML champions will help you navigate through your AI journey and orchestrate the different moving parts required for success and to start benefiting from Machine Learning and AI solutions.

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