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Unlock the cloud, analytics & AI for your not-for-profit/nonprofit

Reach heights others can’t.


Make a difference together with Human-centric design and assistive AI

Unite teams across locations. Skyrocket productivity and surpass the goals of nonprofits and not-for-profits with tailor-made integrations and cutting-edge automation on a large scale for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and more.

The Future of Government

Transform members and donors experiences and unlock Operational Efficiency in the Nonprofit and Not-for-profit Sectors through innovative solutions and technology.

Infrastructure Modernization

Accelerate success for nonprofits & notforprofits with a fully managed, serverless cloud data warehouse & embedded AI capabilities tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization.

Members' & Donors' Engagement

Deliver personalized experiences with smarter digital intake, faster document processing, responsive service, and modern application experiences. Engage everyone in meaningful ways at scale.

Remote Working

Our productivity tools make technology work for the user, on any device in any location, letting your nonprofit front liners and employees predict, build and engage with what’s next.

Operational and Marketing Analytics

Empower your teams to securely and cost-effectively ingest, store, and analyze large volumes of diverse, full-fidelity data. Solve for today's most challenging demands and seamlessly scale your business with built-in ML and powerful multicloud capabilities.

Digital Marketing & Branding

Ideate, build and execute multi-year differentiated marketing strategies that emphasize compressing traditional awareness and evaluation phases and locking potential supporters and donors into the loyalty loop. Exceed your sales goals every time.

Managed IT Services

Say goodbye to unpredictable technology and take your operations to the next level with our custom-managed IT solutions, world-class service, and unbeatable SLA. Enjoy improved security, compliance, and peak-performance today with our 24/7 expert team.

Unified Data Cloud for Simplicity and Intelligence at Scale

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The Cognitive Computing Era for Nonprofits

Intelligent assistance and workflow automation for nonprofits/not-for-profits

Unlock powerful insights and automate intelligent decisions faster than ever with AI, drastically reducing backlogs and alleviating burnout for employees and volunteers. Focus on mission–critical initiatives that will truly make a difference.

Translate content in seconds to 135 languages with rich format preservation

Reach a global audience with our AI-powered translations for not-for-profits/nonprofits. Our intuitive solution translates content into 135 languages with preserved formatting in seconds. Integrate a seamless process for human translators to provide feedback and enhancement, ensuring reliable, top-notch results.

UC Lab and Google Cloud help CAANEO in revamping their membership sign-up app into a secure and data-driven one with cloud-native technology, CICD, AI-powered CDCR and Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce

UCLAB and Google Cloud partner with CAA a trusted Canadian name for 100 years to enable their digital transformation. Our datadriven design and cloudnative apps give CAA members fast, secure access to resources. Our cuttingedge tech helps CAA maintain excellent service while improving customer experience in the digital age.

UC Lab and Google Cloud results

  • Shifting the focus to creating differentiated customer experiences
  • 3.5x increase in new membership sign-up conversion rate optimization
  • Preventing erroneous sign-ups
  • Serverless / Kubernetes App
  • Sophisticated CICD and
  • Security shielded with AI.

“UC Lab has carefully guided us through the ever-changing landscape of optimizing key online assets to ensure the best possible customer journey and bottom-line results. The team is creative, responsive and rapid, and we always feel like our priorities are UC Lab’s priorities.”

-David Coffey

Managing Director, Enterprise Solutions, CAA North & East Ontario.

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UC Lab and Google Cloud are assisting the Canada Council in leveraging Google Analytics 4 to meet their measurement objectives, breaking down data silos and consolidating their data into a unified view of the grant applicants.

The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s National Arts Funder. Canada Council built a comprehensive and durable measurement solution with Google Analytics 4 events platform.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) results

  • Clear sight and consensus with objectives, goals, KPIs and targets.
  • Self-service analytics helps data democratization and faster decision making across the organization
  • Machine learning helps to identify new patterns in data and learn about audience segments

Turn data into action by unifying multiple touchpoints with Google Analytics 4 and Google Bigquery.

The Foundation for Precision Medicine uses Google Cloud and BigQuery to help detect Alzheimer’s disease months or even years in advance of dementia symptoms, raising the possibility of early treatment for millions of people

Alzheimer’s disease is heartbreaking for those afflicted, and perhaps even more so for their families and friends. The mission of the Foundation for Precision Medicine is to detect Alzheimer’s disease early and alter its onset or disease trajectory.

Google Workspace Results

  • Helps detect Alzheimer’s onset months or even years in advance
  • Reclaims 70% of team’s time for science
  • Speeds development of machine learning algorithms while improving accuracy
  • Moves research from data analysis to machine learning in 25% less time

Google Workspace helps 279K+ citizens get the council services they need

“Google Workspace releases our colleagues from being rooted to the workplace. They can now access the tools they need online, even when out of the office and closer to the community.” —Henry Lewis, Head of Platform, Hackney Council 

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Transform your nonprofits/not-for-profit with cloud, analytics and AI. Reach goals that others couldn’t.

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