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Turbocharge your retail business

Unlock the power of data, analytics and AI to succeed in an ever-changing market. Reach new heights and take your business to the next level.

The Future of Retail

Accelerate your Retail Transformation with UC Lab.

Retail Marketing Automation's AI-powered marketing automation boosts retail performance with real-time customer insights, increased sales, and a competitive edge. Maximize ROI and stay ahead with our cutting-edge tech.

Shopping Cart Experiments

Leverage the full potential of sophisticated data analytics to exponentially boost your eCommerce cart conversion rate, average order value, customer loyalty and profitability.

Product Recommendation AI

Delight customers and foster long-term loyalty with AI-powered product recommendations based on each customer's unique preferences and needs, across all channels – from email and web to mobile apps and offline stores.

Retail Marketing and Operational Analytics

Unlock data potential with our cutting-edge retail analytics. Get an all-in-one solution combining web, mobile, POS & 1st/3rd party data for unified customer view. Get actionable insights to power smarter decisions & growth.

eCommerce Migration and Modernization

Transform customer experiences with a cloud-native, containerized architecture, CICD, Continuous Detection and Continuous Response (CDCR) and ensure peak performance during peak shopping seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Demand Forecasting

Revolutionize your retail business with AI-powered demand forecasting! By leveraging AI-based machine learning algorithms, analyze customer behavior and trends to anticipate needs and make better-merchandising decisions. Get ahead of the competition and eliminate inventory distortion with AI-driven demand forecasting.

Become a  customer-centric data-driven retailer

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Predictive insights helps L’Oréal reach people most likely to purchase in stores

L’Oréal is the world’s largest beauty company. Although many consumers interact with the brand online, a majority of L’Oréal’s luxury product sales still occur in-store. The marketing team used machine learning to predict which visitors would go in-store to purchase. These audiences were shared with Google ad products to enhance marketing touch points. 

2.5x increase in offline revenue.
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Custom cloud native E-commerce app and enhanced E-commerce analytics to fit business objectives, and A/B experiments help CAA improve operational efficiency and customer experience

CAA is Canada’s most trusted name for roadside emergency assistance, auto and home insurance and more. Although CAA’s members could use its digital products and services, the speed and data silos made it difficult to meet members’ ever-changing needs.

Shifting the focus to creating differentiated customer experiences.
3.5x increase in new membership sign-up conversion rate optimization.
Preventing erroneous sing ups.
Serverless / Kubernetes App. Sophisticated CICD and Security shielded with AI.

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Serverless Kubernetes helps LOWE'S serve customers through Black Fridays or every day with the same fast speed and helps customers accelerate their discovery and purchase journeys with a natural search experience.

Lowe’s is an American retail company specializing in home improvement. Store uptime and site reliability are most critical to their commitment to their customers. large-scale operation and dynamic inventory velocity make it difficult to consistently meet customers’ expectations.

100% uptime on Black Fridays / Cyber Mondays.
Faster checkout.
Modernize microservices

Modernize your retail business with cloud, analytics and AI.

Reach goals that others couldn’t.

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