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Empathy - the ability to relate to and understand another person’s emotions is the basis of strong relationships

Understanding social cues and adapting to them is how people build trust. Contexts help us understand and relate better with customers. That’s not easy to do digitally or at scale. UC Lab Experience Team is comprised with AI, Emotional Intelligence and business growth champions, and ready to help you get started delighting customers with combined solutions - Vision, Speech to Text, Sentiment, Conversational and Recommendation Intelligence.

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Give customers what they love - Delight them with pleasant, helpful and personalized recommendations

Facilitate product and content discovery, guide them through the buying decision journey with profoundly relevant and personalized recommendations based on state of the art machine learning models - fine tuned for your unique customers by our Uncanny Experience teams.

Leverage NLP and NLU - Imagine your best customer experience managers tackling every situation at scale

We use emerging and pretrained models with custom refinements for your business needs. We enable your contact centre and customer service agents to leverage and automate cognitive listening, monitoring, automating business processes and acting with unprecedented capabilities to augment your customers' experience.

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Predict complex decisions with integrated intelligence and deliver unprecedented customer experience

Combine Vision, Natural Language Understanding and Classification to deliver powerful cognitive and multi faceted decisions at near real time, enabling human like cognitive automations at scale. Let's solve what's next together. | Case Study - Digital Media

Lead Generation using Natural Language, Vision and AutoML

Learn how Mediaforce transforms and automates leads generation and delights customers with accelerated support case resolution times using Vision Intelligence and Conversational AI.

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Let's achieve more together

Google Cloud and UC Lab partnered together to help you solve what's next and accelerate your digital transformation.

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