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Unlock Human Potential with Intelligent Automation

Humans are naturally creative and industrious, yet modern work often fails to take full advantage of this. Intelligent Automation unleashes this potential allowing your workforce to flourish with more time for creativity and solving complex problems while achieving more in a shorter time. Find out why hybrid is about more than just where you work, download the handbook to learn more.

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Google Workspace Integrations

Revolutionize your teams with smart and cognitive automations

We augment Google Workspace with custom integrations, actionable insights and intelligent automations - enabling your teams collaborate in all new ways, focus time on effective work and have better access to the people and knowledge that help them perform best in their jobs.

Forrester’s model organization used to estimate these results, is a global conglomerate




annual revenue

Revenue Growth

Increase in revenue driven by Google Workspace

Employee Efficiency

Hours saved per user per year.Equal to ~21 days per user per year

IT Cost

Reduction of on-demand tech support

Our Company Values

Everything you need to get work done, now in one place

Imagine technology that is so seamless and intuitive that it feels invisible, but anticipates our needs and augments our work so that we can maximize our time.

Faster, intuitive and smarter

Achieve more together. Human centric design and assistive AI

Google Workspace Native and extended helpful AI integrations across all your tools by UC Lab helps your teams find what they are looking for. Sometimes, before they even know they need it and help them complete their tasks, such as assisting with emails from grammar to completing thoughts, transcribing complex unstructured notes into meaningful documents, automating actionable conversational experiences with customers, etc.

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Secured everywhere

Go beyond regulatory compliance
HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant

A recent Gartner poll showed that 48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19. Are you prepared?
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Special offer on licensing with new accounts or upgrading to Enterprise plans with minimum of 12 months term. Limited Time Offer.

Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre

a surgical and non surgical cosmetic clinic located in the Riverside Hospital Campus Ottawa with 30 years of practice. Among the many reasons for the digital transformation initiative, the following were the primary driving factors: Customers’ (patients’) increasing demands for realtime access, transparency; long due for operation speed and efficiency; and new norms of Covid-19.

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Work Transformation

Human centric, cloud native and AI powered collaboration tools enabling everyone to truly work from anywhere, faster and smarter with immersive and augmented meeting experiences.

End to end security

Equipped for the standards including PIPEDA and HIPAA while no compromise to access to data, analytics and insights. Smart AI powered Context Aware Access and Alerts.

Patient Experience

Integrated omnichannel communication for relevant and delightful experiences and faster access to information and care.

Cognitive Automation

Accelerated speed of operation with Speech to Text for transcribing patient visit notes, automated patients’ intake forms and more.

What they say about us

3 decades of paperwork, processes and lack of culture for change - I anticipated roadblocks. Beyond and above our expectations, UC Lab completed first phase of migration and adoption within 15 days including a one week rigorous staff training. I really enjoy having a local business being on top of my digital concerns and keeping me up-to-date with the latest updates with Google and the digital media marketing as well as keeping my staff up-to-date in the current digital world.

Dr. Antoniak

Chief Surgeon, Founder –

Google Cloud Technology Partner

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Let's achieve more together

Google Cloud and UC Lab partnered together to help you solve what's next and accelerate your digital transformation.

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