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Unlock New Possibilities with Cloud and AI in the Public Sector

Improve citizen services, increase operational effectiveness, and deliver proven innovation

The Future of Government

Reimagine Citizen Experience and Operational Efficiency in Public Sector with UC Lab.

Infrastructure Modernization

Accelerate time to value with a fully managed, serverless cloud data warehouse with embedded AI capabilities that scales to meet your needs.

Constituent Engagement

Deliver personalized customer experiences with smarter digital intake, faster document processing, responsive service, and modern application experiences.

Remote Working

Our productivity tools make technology work for the user, on any device in any location, letting employees predict, build and engage with what’s next.

Analytics for mission owners

Accelerate time to insight with real-time, automated data pattern identification and collaboration that lets you securely ingest and process all types of data.

AI and ML

Improve operational efficiency with intelligent assistance and cognitive automation. Rapidly deploy AI-powered contact centres, translate millions of documents in more than 100 languages and more.

Secure with Zero Trust Approach

Protect citizens' private data and business secrets with GCP Assured Workloads, specially crafted for governments in Canada, the USA and Australia that adhere to strict regulations. Strengthen security with AI-powered Continuous Detection and Continuous Response solutions.

Unified Data Cloud for Simplicity and Intelligence at Scale

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The Cognitive Computing Era

Intelligent decision and workflow automation for the public sector

Unlock insights with AI and automate intelligent decisions at scale. Rapidly reduce backlogs and meet citizens’ expectations. Watch the video for real-world use cases.

Translate content in seconds to 135 languages with rich format preservation

Combine the power of AI with the accuracy of human translators to deliver highquality translations with lightning speed. Get started now and experience the future of translation management today!

NYC3 uses Google Cloud to develop a scalable data pipeline to respond faster to online threats.

New York City Cyber Command built a resilient, highly secure, and highly scalable data pipeline on Google Cloud to help its cybersecurity experts detect and respond to threats faster.

Google Cloud results

  • Helps detect threats faster with high-performance cloud services
  • Accelerates time to onboard all 100+ city agencies
  • Enables a small team to more securely manage cloud infrastructure
  • Offers near-infinite scalability for analyzing petabytes of data
  • Provides maximum value to city agencies and residents

GCP processes and analyzes data 10x faster keeping New York City‘s digital services more secure at a massive scale.

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Canada Council molds Google Analytics 4 to align with measurement objectives and breaks down data silos to transform data into a holistic view of the grant applicants.

The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s National Arts Funder. Canada Council built a comprehensive and durable measurement solution with Google Analytics 4 events platform.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) results

  • Clear sight and consensus with objectives, goals, KPIs and targets.
  • Self-service analytics helps data democratization and faster decision making across the organization
  • Machine learning helps to identify new patterns in data and learn about audience segments

Turn data into action by unifying multiple touchpoints with Google Analytics 4 and Google Bigquery.

Hackney Council simplifies processes, fosters collaboration, and enables flexible work practices for employees in and out of the office, with Google Workspace.

Hackney Council is a local government authority in East London that offers its residents and businesses a wide range of essential services such as road and waste management, social care, housing, and civil protection.Hackney Council has migrated its workforce of 4,000 to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Results

  • Supports real-time collaboration across departments
  • Helps to ensure consistent delivery of services even with 90% of employees working remotely
  • Enables remote, secure access to applications via a single set of credentials using Google Cloud Identity single sign-on
  • Supports flexible work practices to help employees collaborate closely with their local community, partner organizations, and cross-departmental teams

Google Workspace helps 279K+ citizens get the council services they need

“Google Workspace releases our colleagues from being rooted to the workplace. They can now access the tools they need online, even when out of the office and closer to the community.” —Henry Lewis, Head of Platform, Hackney Council 

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Transform public sector operation efficiency and citizen experience with cloud, analytics and AI.

Reach goals that others couldn’t.

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