Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa adapts to the new normal with digital transformation in 30 days, resulting in increased staff productivity, improved patient experience, and timely adoption of remote and virtual care.

A cosmetic clinic founded in 1994, initially focusing only on local patients. With a track record of exceptional care, procedures, and treatment outcomes, its reputation spread across the country and the continents. Face.ca soon became one of the prestigious medical cosmetic care clinics in North America known for accessible care with un-compromised quality.


Patients are increasingly becoming more and more technologically affluent and their expectations are fundamentally changing. They want faster access to information, healthcare professionals, and the care they need. They expect more transparency with more control of their information, a frictionless journey, and proactive personalized assistance.  The legacy systems and business processes could not adapt up with both the speed and scalability needed. In the wake of COVID-19,  the already long overdue transformation became more mission critical to clinic’s immediate operability and Face.ca needed to completely reimagine and reinvent their business processes. With the goal of helping employees save time while delivering exceptional patient experience in the new norms of Covid-19, Face.ca needed to equip its workforce with modern electronic medical records, patient care, a new patient relationship management system (Customer Relationship Management – CRM),  productivity & communication tools, and more. The clinic  had to consider the interoperability between the different technologies, maximize the value of the existing digital & non-digital assets, and the likeliness of a successful change management initiative strategy in terms of the timely adoption of the solutions.

Google Workspace – The Strategic Winner

Face.ca evaluated three popular cloud productivity toolsets and chose Google Workspace. It was a superior platform for innovation and offered better artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that would simplify both employee collaboration and streamline patient care. It would also keep the entire care team on the same page from anywhere with the least amount of manual effort while maintaining the highest levels of security to help ensure face.ca meets its regulatory and privacy obligations.

All in one place | Integrated Insights

While Google Workspace offers a comprehensive enterprise ready collaboration, productivity, and communication toolset, it is also engineered for an integrated space with powerful capabilities to connect and converge other business mission critical tools such as CRMs, EMRs, Invoices, unified cloud and on premise content search and discovery enablement, the ability to combine unified voice, text, social and email communication, and deliver actionable insights right where and when it is needed elevating everyone’s productivity and experience.

Maximizing value from existing assets

The clinic has many legacy and aging systems and solutions including electronic medical records and sensitive content such as pre and post surgery pictures that are only accessible on premise.  Similarly, it has procured systems and solutions that are also under leveraged. For example, WIFI ready X-Ray scanners, fax and printers,  etc. While Google Workspace solves and enables AI ready secured and sensitive content labeling and management with Google Drive enabling patients records being securely accessible, these other devices such like printers can also be integrated as part of workflow automations helping employees save time and effort.

Time to deployment | Adoption

Furthermore, when assessing the speed of adoption and change management effort, Google Workspace was undoubtedly the outstanding choice for face.ca as the majority of its employees were already familiar with Google’s products offered at a personal or educational level.

Google’s commitment to aggressively continue advancing Google Workspace and its revolutionary transformation in response to COVID-19, such as Google Meet, Google Drive, and an Email centric all in one place with healthcare industry in mind. Offerings regarding virtual care, real time secured access to patients sensitive data, standardized healthcare API and platform native assistive AI contribute to incremental productivity gain across the organization heightened face.ca’s business operation confidence and capabilities to a new level.

Personalized Patient Experience

While patient relationship management is an important component to the healthcare ecosystem, it is missing at large from most existing and currently available EMR solutions. Hence, providing timely, contextual and personalized patient experiences are often time consuming or almost impossible. This was addressed with deep integration between Zoho One and Google Workspace enabling a 360 view of patient interactions and insightful actions to deepen relationships.

Accelerating time to care, reducing errors and scaling business with smart automations

Automating filing patient registration forms, to creating patient’s chart id, extracting data from returned forms from patients and auto populating them in database, as well as auto labeling incoming queries, attachments, etc. and auto associating them with the right patient folder in Drive enabled employees to focus more on patients and human experience.

Security: Trust Nothing Approach

Dialogflow,Cloud Functions, Firebase, Firestore, Zoho SalesIQ.

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