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Leap into the Future of Marketing with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and AI

Exclusive Event for Advanced Marketers

Walk away with instant ML activation for marketing and maximize marketing ROI at scale

Date: March 1, 2023. 10:30 AM EST
Venue: 150 Elgin St Floor 10, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L4 (Former Shopify HQ). Paid parking available.

In this event, we will take marketers beyond the conversation of the cookieless world. We will walk each participant through the journey of activating durable marketing strategies with AI. With no code and no SQL experience, marketers will be able to build and immediately leverage predictive models to optimize marketing ROI.

What others are saying about BigqueryML workshops

“To be honest, I'm a bit blown away, because I've done all this manually and I think the first time I did it from start to finish it took me about 3 weeks just to figure it out doing all the setup...this is, this is so easy.”

Head of Digital

Fuad Miah

Fuad is an accomplished digital marketer with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of digital marketing areas. He has a proven record of success in driving higher net profits and market share, as well as ROI on marketing. His specialties include marketing measurement, paid, social and user-centric SEO, conversion optimization, UX management, cognitive intelligence, inclusive marketing initiatives, and transforming traditional marketing cultures.

As the host of #labtomarket, Fuad shares his knowledge and experience to help businesses maximize their customer buying journeys and lock them into the loyalty loop.

CEO, Co-founder

Justin Hacker

My mission is simple; to advise on, build and implement tools that improve work for everyone. Those tools improve morale, increase efficiency, and ultimately make organizations more profitable (a happy side-effect that benefits everyone).

Workshop Agenda

Intro to predictive audience modelling

30 mins – Learn why and how predictive modelling rescues marketers in the privacy first world with real-world use cases and results.


Building and activating models

90 minutes – Collaborate and create a GCP project, connect Google Analytics 4 or User Events to Bigquery, and build a pipeline for the prebuilt ML models tuned for your marketing objectives. Validate the models with instructors and deploy them for Google Ads or other marketing touch points.


Lunch (meal served)

60 mins – You will be prompted for your dietary preferences and restrictions at check out.


Measuring and optimizing performance

60 mins – Learn how to measure the performance of the models and quantify ROI for CFOs and CMOs. Set up a slack support channel and gain direct access to the instructors and the other participants.


Reserve Your Seat

Individuals & Small Business

Price: $3800 / seat + HST

The individual and small business package allows for the admission of one person per ticket.

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