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The Path of Most Resilience

Chapter 1: Reusing Existing Assets

APIs in the core of Digital Transformation

With tightening budgets, many enterprises will look to cut their digital transformation and innovation budgets in order to focus on keeping the lights on. But an API program provides an easy way for enterprises to keep the lights on while still pushing towards digital transformation. With an API-first approach, enterprises can continue their digital transformation initiatives, but with a focus on maximizing existing resources to boost developer productivity.

Developers use APIs to leverage existing technologies in new ways or to connect existing technologies to new technologies. Reusing Existing Assets ebook takes a deeper look at how resilient companies recompose, reuse, and re-appropriate existing assets to do more with less.

What’s Inside?

  • Building New Experiences with Existing Assets
  • Creating Shared Services via an API Marketplace
  • Unlocking Partner Value with APIs

Chapter 2: Security and Scalability

Building and Extending scalable APIs and ensuring API security at every point of interaction

Sudden changes in consumption patterns of customers, employees, and partners may lead companies to experience an increasing demand for their digital services. These may come as a result of market shifts, technological shifts, or due to times of uncertainty. The more adaptive and resilient companies are internally, the faster they can evolve alongside their
customers and markets to overcome challenges during times of uncertainty.

To ensure business resilience, IT teams must adopt necessary policies and systems to ensure API availability, accessibility, and extensibility to power their critical operations and their entire ecosystem. Security and Scalability ebook takes a deeper look at how companies can scale their digital transformation efforts while securing existing digital assets and resources.

What’s Inside?

  • Building and Extending Scalable APIs with API Management
  • Ensuring API Security at Every Point of Interaction
  • Protecting a Rapidly Expanding API Program